Leckrone Ministries, Inc.  



    Leckrone Ministries, Inc.  

Music & Preaching for the glory of God!

Traditional flavor with an "up-to-date" approach!

When did your church last have an intense prayer effort building to a time of concentrated renewal and evangelism?

Do we ever outgrow the need for the "checks of the Spirit" to guide us to a closer walk with the Lord?
Does our influence speak louder by our "talk" or by our "walk?"  How does that answer affect those we love regarding our priorities or faithfulness?



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The Leckrones' 2023 Schedule   Still Developing--Please call for dates

January 1        Hanner Family Christmas... Kurtz, IN

January           Sunday Revival Rally Days & Concerts  


Feb. 4-5          Lake Mary, FL - Gracepoint Nazarene               

Feb. 12-15       Lake Placid, FL - Revival, Church of the Nazarene

Feb. 20-25      "Jubilee in the Sun" Gospel Cruise               


Mar. 3-5           Jacksonville, FL - Lighthouse Ch. of the Nazarene


Mar. 12              Zephyrhills, FL - Nazarene, Revival Rally Day

Mar. 15-21         Woodbury, GA - Harmony Church of the Nazarene

Mar. 26-30       Sherrodsville, OH - Wesleyan, Revival

Mar. 31-Apr. 2   Columbus, IN, Calvary Community of Faith Nazarene        

Apr. 10-11          Indianapolis, IN, Westside Ch. of Naz. - WOW Group

Apr. 12-16          Indiana, PA - Indep. Traditional Holiness Church, Revival        

April 17-18         Washington, PA -

Apr. 22 -May 8   Lenexa, KS - Personal Ministry Care

May 19-21          Marietta, OH -Wagner Union Church, Revival Rally Weekend

May 15-18          ?

May 21-22          ?

May 23-29          Vicksburg, MI--ILNC     

May 30-June 3   Kurtz, IN-home            

June 4-27            Lenexa, KS-Special Assignment     

June 28-July 4    Vicksburg, MI--ILNC               

July 4-7                Kurtz, IN, home

July 8-15              Bentleyville, PA Holiness Camp Meeting   

July 16-24           Douglas, MA--Camp Meeting 

July 25-Aug. 12   Kurtz, IN, home                 

Aug. 7-14             Oakland City, IN Zone Camp Meeting

Aug. 15-21            Monterey, CA--reserved

Aug. 28-Sept. 5   Vicksburg, MI--Evangelists' Homecoming Camp Meeting         

Sept. 7-10             Orleans, IN--Wesleyan Prime Time Retreat

Sept.  11 am          Talega Church, Beattyville, KY

Sept. 11 pm           Lexington, KY--Lafayette Church of the Nazarene

Sept. 29-Oct. 5     Indian Lake Nazarene Camp--Vicksburg, MI

Oct. 9-12               Waynesville, MO--Church of the Nazarene

Oct. 22-26             Chrisman, IL--Nazarene Revival

Oct. 27-30             Olivet Nazarene University Homecoming           

Nov. 4-7                 Jacksonville, FL

Nov. 11-21              Indian Lake Nazarene Camp--Vicksburg, MI             

Nov.  25-27           Washington, PA--First Church of the Nazarene (Sunday AM)

Dec. 3                    Southwest Indiana District--Christmas Luncheon

Dec. 25                  Kurtz, IN--Church of the Nazarene       

(more to come--WE HOPE!)